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Joshua Hissong

assoc. aia | principal

Armando Hurtado

aia | architect | principal

Steven Hewett

assoc. aia | director of design

Danny Torgerson

assoc. aia | project manager

Noah Rinaldi

assoc. aia | project manager

Henry Ho

assoc. aia | designer

Jason Clerget

lead project manager

Sam McCrady

studio manager

Kyle Hurley

project manager

Brittany Stodgell

creative director

Isaac Kuula


Jacob Fitterer

project development


Propaganda Creative

We're a full service design firm located in Spokane, Washington. Small but mighty; we provide web design, graphic design, and other marketing services with a focus on amplifying brands and helping good people create success. We are Propaganda Creative.



Faber designs and manufactured custom cabinetworks. Faber's clientele are designers, architects, restaurateurs, and homeowners with a vision; they know they want something stunning and unique. Helping to combine form, function, and beauty; The team will help bring your vision to life through detailed materials consultation, 3D renderings, and of course, craftsmanship guided by large body of experience.


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